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Unpacking the Evidence: AI, Climate and Evidence-Informed Decision-Making

Evidence for Democracy (E4D) is excited to bring together an exciting panel discussion in celebration of our annual Evidence Day! This engaging session feature two back-to-back panels on two of the most pressing issues facing Canadians: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Climate Change. Our expert panelists will explore how evidence and data shape the conversations surrounding these critical issues, providing valuable insights into the use of evidence in decision-making.

Session One: AI. AI continues to evolve and embed itself into the everyday lives of Canadians. This brings up a multitude of questions for our democracy… How will AI impact elections and the political processes? How can we educate the public on the impact of AI? And how can we use evidence and data to inform decisions around AI?

Session Two: Climate Change. Wildfires devastated several regions of our country last summer. How can evidence-informed practice and policies share our approach to wildfire management and prevention? Conversations surrounding the fires were littered with misinformation. How can evidence inform these discussions and steer the narrative towards collective action?

Whether you’re a policymaker, researcher, advocate, or concerned citizen, this event offers an excellent opportunity to stay informed and engaged on issues that matter most.





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